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Quick ‘n Easy Adhesive Remover

Advanced spray-on formula effectively removes both oil and water-based stubborn adhesives and sticky substances in 60-90 seconds with no stain or damage to surface!

The Decal-Graphic Solution

Shop application fluid prevents damaged emblems, decals, stripes and graphics – eliminates bubbles, wrinkles, tears & holes and performs in extremely cold temperatures or high humidity with no lifting!


Fast acting formula kills rust with paint ready surface in 20-30 minutes! Not the 12-24 hour normal wait time.

#357 VOC Compliant Industrial Cleaner, Degreaser, Prep-Wash

Concentrated water-based VOC compliant cleaner will clean/degrease the nastiest jobs, yet is safe and economical to use.

Odor Eliminator

Auto Tech’s Odor Eliminator totally eliminates foul, offensive odors so they don’t come back!

WOW: The Ultimate Polish

Adds a final shine to all hard surfaces with no smears, no streaks – even in full, hot sun – even of glass! Won’t scratch – leaves a smooth, optically clear, anti-static surface with luster!


Safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and fragrance-free cream dramatically improves and helps prevent dry, chafed and cracked skin.


The original exterior formula that instantly removes unwanted wax and compounds from textured bumpers and trim. Penetrates deep into the textured plastic and dissolves the wax/polishes/compounds that can cause unsightly dulling and streaking.

Trim Mold Solution

Body Shops nationwide agree this new formula to remove double-back tape adhesive is much better than competitive products.

Treated Plastic Wheel Covers

This wheel cover is sized to fit 12-inch to 22-inch wheels – even fits full size sports utility tires – even fits a Toyota Land Cruiser tire!

Dillon Husky Leather Treatment

Conditions, softens and protects leather and vinyl. Totally dries – leaves no oily or greasy film.

Silicone-Free Tire Dressing

Other leading brands aren’t long lasting because they are made with water and surfactants (soaps) that evaporate and wash-off with water

3-Way Stretch Protective Spray Hood

Bigger, full size cut for the most comfortable fit, Durable – double stitched construction. Not an import, proudly Made in the USA.