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Fast Acting Formula Kills Rust & Paint Ready in 20 to 30 Minutes!

A new twist to an old product! This fast acting formula kills rust on contact & converts it to a dry, paintable surface in 20-30 minutes, as opposed to the normal 8-12 hours required by other products! Unique formula is actually two products-in-one: it converts rust or, if sprayed on a bare, rustfree panel, it etches the surface like a metal prep & creates the perfect surface for paint, primer or filler! It etches aluminum, stainless steel, even the blackprimer E-coats on replacement panels – even etches & adheres to sanded galvanized steel! Stops light-to-medium rust, but instead of converting to common iron black primer like other brands, it forms a chemically inert ceramic-like strontium phosphate (zinc) film that becomes part of the surface, resulting in superior anti-corrosion & welding conductivity. Really speeds-up production. Prevents rust bleed through and also removes scales and corrosion from aluminum, galvanize, copper, stainless steel, fiberglass and wood. Dissolves lime and scales from pipes, evaporators, engine cooling systems, etc. and it bleaches rust stains from wood, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, grout, glass, brick, cement etc. Compatible with all automotive top-coats, including water-based paints. Rust-Prep has hundreds of uses – if rust or rust stains are the problem, Rust-Prep is the solution! Numerous industrial, auto, truck, RV, agricultural and marine uses.

Available: 16-oz. Spray Bottle, Economy 64-oz. Refill Bottle and 55-Gallon Drums.

Just a short note to rave about Rust-Prep. This product is all the things it claims to be and more!… The very best feature for those of us with production-minded schedules is the 20-30 minute drying time as opposed to hours of waiting for a dry, workable surface.

Willie's ShopMonterey, CA

...Bare metal needs protection right away to prevent rust from forming. Tommy used Auto Tech's Rust-Prep, a product that leaves behind a zinc phosphate coating to discourage rust from flashing on the metal surface...

From Hemmings Classic Car MagazineOctober 2007

…we have been using your Rust-Prep in our collision repair facility for several months now and are very pleased with the results … it is a great product … our employees appreciate the ability to get back to the project at hand with the minimal dry time. They also rate highly the almost odorless product, as so much in our business today is quite hazardous…

1st Choice Collision Center, IncSidney, MT

…been in the paint & body business for about forty years, and have used a lot of other rust preparations, but none of them compare to your Rust-Prep. I recommend this product highly to every body shop…

Jim's Paint and Body ShopDenton, TX

…recently tried your Rust-Prep on a few different jobs, one being battery boxes on a John Deere farm tractor – Rust Prep worked great! … is a great product, unlike anything I’ve ever used!...

Frank Repici Auto BodyBelleplain, NJ