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Odor Eliminator

Totally Destroys and Eliminates Offensive Odors So They Don’t Come Back

This new product eliminates odors at the molecular level unlike air fresheners that temporarily mask odors with a fragrance.  Unlike other products that prohibit air conditioner/ventilation system use, Auto Tech’s Odor Eliminator flows through air conditioning/ventilation systems to eliminate a major source of unpleasant odors (most bacteria land in the air conditioner’s evaporator core and pollen gets into the vents, creating foul odors – masking products do not eliminate these odors and liquid enzyme products can not effectively reach these areas!)

This unique formula contains a patented ingredient  that eliminates odors caused by: cigarette & cigar smoke, fire damage, sweat, mildew, pets, vomit, skunk, urine, dead animals, fishing gear and other persistent, offensive organic odors.  Numerous Uses: Automotive, hotel/motel, RV’s train/plane, marine, restaurant, apartment, air conditioning, animal kennels, veterinarian, bathroom, storage room, janitorial, industrial, public building, office, home – anywhere instant odor elimination is needed.  One container economically removes all odors from an entire vehicle, room or area.  Can also be used for Spot Release on specific areas such as carpets, seats, pet bedding, etc.

Body Shops report Auto Tech’s Odor Eliminator removes the interior chemical resin smell that results from paint & body work – they simply “fog” the vehicle interior so the seats, headliner & floor mats are odor-free for customer pick-up… and the beauty of it is: the body shop adds the cost of the can under the clean-up section of the estimate!

Approved by Penske Truck Leasing for use in their trucks and vehicles nationwide!

... Just wanted to let you know your Odor Eliminator is phenomenal! ... Some of our trucks have 700,000 miles on them - my drivers smoke, so the interior odor use to be terrible - and it even got worse as it built-up ... We tried other products, but they don't run thru the ventilation system like yours, so they only cover the odors temporarily ... Auto Tech's Odor Eliminator finally solved our problem! ...

Kim Robinson, Robinson Transport Inc.Salina, Utah

...this product makes money for us because it helps us sell the trucks on our is another order for 3 cases...

Andy Mohr Truck CenterIndianapolis, IN

... we constantly run into cars & trucks with unusual smells and odors... we tried your "Odor Eliminator" on a late model Ford Ranger pick up with a heavy cigarette smoke smell... All I can say is your product did what my detail shop couldn't do! It totally got rid of the odors...

Crater Lake MotorsMedford OR