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Customer Comments & Uses
(a few of our letters on file … full letters available on request)

Quick 'n Easy Heavy Duty Specialty Adhesive Remover

"… we appreciate a product that actually does what it is intended to do. There are many products out there that don't stand up to the quality that they claim to have. This product has proven its worth. … thank you for introducing us to a great product …"
Foretravel of Tennessee, Inc.
, Kodak, TN

"…does a great job of removing adhesive from banners … have also discovered that in mounting photographs onto a substrate using Spray Mount, your adhesive remover will take off any glue that may have gotten on the photo. It removes the adhesive completely without damaging the photo! … but the Number One reason that we like your adhesive remover … is the smell. Some removers have a smell that will take off the top of your head! Yours we can use … without worrying that the rest of the day will be spent with a migraine …"
, Lubbock, TX

"… best we've ever used to clean off the build-up of sticky residues and to clean pieces of equipment at our plant … let's set up your company as an official vendor …"
Kimberly-Clark Corp.
, Waco, TX

"…our metal molds are particularly difficult to clean because of color transferring from material to molds in extremely high temperatures … we are very impressed with your product … it does a thorough job removing all color from the molds so they can be set up quickly again to mold new materials …"
BRB International, Inc.
, North Bergen, NJ

"… it is THE BEST remover I have come across. A vinyl removal job that would have taken me at least 5 hours with my previous remover, took half the time. Thank you for your marvelous product…"
, Bellmore,NY

"…we currently use your adhesive remover in my collision repair facility … Using this product has reduced the amount of time my technicians spend on removing adhesive and in turn, it saves me money … A superb product like yours is always appreciated …"
Dave Cochran Auto Body, I-Car Gold Class
, Butler, PA

"…this process is quite exact and involves removing very strong adhesives …your product's potency and ease of use have contributed to our success in efficiency and quality…"
, Dublin, OH

"…we have tried many solvents to remove stuck-on adhesive, but found that they did not work and made more of a mess, by making the area 'gummy and sticky' … we can honestly say that we have found a product that we can notice real results with little effort and cost. Thank you very much for your fine products and keep up the great work in finding easier and less costly solutions to difficult problems…"
Ocean Bay Auto Services
, Point Pleasant, NJ

"…in evaluating eight different removal products … we would rate your Quick 'n Easy #1…"
Arlon Adhesives & Films Division
, Santa Ana, CA

"…we're pleased we added this great product to our line…"
Crest Industries Inc.
, Fenton, MO

"…Quick 'n Easy Heavy Duty Specialty Adhesive Remover is the only product we've found that easily removes fork-lift tire scuff marks from our urethane coated floors with no damage… products we sell to Wal-Mart stores wont do the job!…"
Wal-Mart Distribution Center
, SC

The Decal-Graphic Solution

"…in the past we've tried different soap & water solutions but we always had problems with the pre-mask. Your Decal-Graphic Solution really has helped our applications because we can now reposition, we get no bubbles and much better adhesion, and there is no more problem with the pre-mask!…"
Auto Trim Design
, Lincoln, NE

"…I also switched application fluid and was glad I made the switch form Rapid Tac to your Decal-Graphic Solution, a superior product by far…"
Shady Oaks Signs
, Melrose, MN

"…we have used many application fluids, in fact probably all of them in the past, and yours is by far the best. The Decal-Graphic Solution application fluid surpasses all others in overall performance. Graphics are aligned and applied quickly and the transfer tape is easily removed in shorter time than with other application fluids. It truly lives up to its promise: "Get Clean, Properly Aligned Decals The First Time, Every Time, In Half The Time! …"
Sign Mart, Inc.
, Rockville, MD

"…makes application of graphics on our racing cars easy…"
Team Rahal
(Bobby Rahal), Hilliard, OH

"…have use your application fluid … and compared to Rapid Tac and other application fluids I've used, Decal-Graphic Solution holds better and works much faster…"
Accurate Signs & Graphics
, Avenel, NJ

"…a production assistant at Signs By Tomorrow claims that she likes to work with the Decal-Graphic Solution because it is easily controlled and is gentle enough to be used on even the most delicate materials. Also, I never seem to have any air bubbles trapped under the vinyl…"
Signs By Tomorrow
, Rockville, MD

"…when I ordered additional Decal-Graphic Solution, it arrived just in time for a van lettering job I had scheduled. Your solution works so well, that the job was very quick and absolutely 'bubble-free'! …"
, Bellmore, NY

"…we found your application fluid superior to our previous brand because it allows us to remove the transfer tape sooner. With our old fluid, we would have to wait anywhere from ten minutes to a half hour before the vinyl would stick to the substrate enough for us to remove the tape. Your fluid allows us to remove the transfer tape much quicker. Sometimes, we are able to pull it off immediately. We also feel that we have far less bubbles using your product…"
Creative Signs and Graphic Designs
, Scenery Hill, PA

"…I've begun to use your Decal-Graphic Solution and am very pleased with my results. I'm able to use it with a wide temperature range and still able to reposition during use, which is a great problem with other installation fluid…"
The Sign Shoppe of Summit County
, Frisco, CO


"…we have been using your Rust-Prep in our collision repair facility for several months now and are very pleased with the results … it is a great product … our employees appreciate the ability to get back to the project at hand with the minimal dry time. They also rate highly the almost odorless product, as so much in our business today is quite hazardous…"
1st Choice Collision Center, Inc.
, Sidney, MT

"…been in the paint & body business for about forty years, and have used a lot of other rust preparations, but none of them compare to your Rust-Prep. I recommend this product highly to every body shop…"
Jim's Paint and Body Shop
, Denton, TX

"…just so I would not have to listen to a grown man cry, I did in fact place an order. To my utter amazement, the entire order sold out in just two days, and all of it went to body shops. The pump sprayer was just what they had been looking for. Now I can market the quarts of Rust-Prep as refills for the pump bottles…"
R & M Supplies, Inc.
, Pittsfield, MA

"…recently tried your Rust-Prep on a few different jobs, one being battery boxes on a John Deere farm tractor - Rust Prep worked great! … is a great product, unlike anything I've ever used! …"
Frank Repici Auto Body
, Belleplain, NJ

Aluma-1 Scratch-Free Metal/Plastic Polish

"…this is the only polish we have been able to find that will remove the stains on our aluminum tool boxes. We sell hundreds of tool boxes made of Tread Brite aluminum and they are nice and bright but can be stained by the cartons they are in for shipping if the cartons become wet in storage. We had tried many different types and brands of stain removers and polishes but none of them work as well as yours…"
Adrian Steel Company
, Adrian, MI (tool box manufacturer)

"…am quite impressed with the performance of Aluma-1. We have used it on just about every type of metal to be polished, from aluminum wheels and chrome to custom engine and transmission parts. It also works well on solid brass fixtures and helps protect against the tarnish returning …the wipe-on, wipe-off wet feature saves time…"
Maaco Enterprises
, King of Prussia, PA

"…fabulous in removing water spots!…"
The Auto Body Salon
, Thatcher, AZ

"…with very little effort and the least amount of time, I am able to bring aluminum and chrome wheels to their highest degree of shine … the barrier coating really does increase the life of the shine! …also amazing the way it can remove water stains and water spots so easily…"
GE Discount Tire Ctr.
, Harbor City, CA

"…been polishing for 14 years and have tried numerous products … Aluma-1 has cut my polishing time in half … Enclosed is a photo of my Tanker Truck. As you can see, reflected in the back of the truck are my pick-up truck and my Harley Davidson! I use the polish on all three…"
Glenn G. France
, Myrtle, OR

"…is by far the easiest and least time consuming to use (on my aluminum airplane), but it also works well on the not so easy to get areas: around ailerons, flaps etc. … definitely makes keeping the aluminum polished and corrosion free a much easier task…"
Greg Bruce
, Yelm, WA

"…am truly amazed with Auto Tech's Aluma-1! … have tried several products but your product 'Really Works'! … have a '97 Ram 1500 with center-line wheels … I didn't have time to put my custom wheels back on the truck - so they sat outside for a few months. The wheels oxidized and I tried several different products to clean them up, but nothing worked … I started on a small area - it went on & off so easy, I did two of the four wheels in minutes!…your Aluma-1 is so easy and produces a scratch-free shine! … This stuff is great!…"
Smith Farms
, Plano, IL

NOTE: Aluma-1 is perfect for: Automotive, Truck, Cycle, RV … Hardware/Plumbing, Fireplaces, Paint … Housewares and Giftware …Boats and Marine … Factory, Hotel, Restaurant … Sporting Goods, Law Enforcement, Fire Stations … Musical Instruments and more!

WOW: The Ultimate Detailer

"…the chrome is the easiest part of the car to maintain …People think the chrome is made of decals, but it's real polished aluminum …the secret is a spray cleaner-polish called "WOW!" made by Auto Tech. We order it by the case…"
From: Stock Car Racing Magazine, Jan.'99: "COREY'S CHROME TOASTER"

"…how impressed I am with the "WOW"… How nice to have one product that does glass, chrome, paint, plastics etc. … I believe you could sell it to the visually impaired as all they would have to do is 'feel the finish!"…
Gerry's Tire & Batteries, Inc.
, Kalispell, MT

"…to let you know how pleased I am with your product "WOW!" … My friends, family and I are very big into Harley Davidson Motorcycles. We all have Show Bikes and, with your "WOW1", our chrome and paint always looks more brilliant than the competition … now everybody is buying "WOW!" from our store …My Harley Davidson has won THREE shows in a row!…"
Naples Bumper & Auto Body Supply
, Naples, FL

"…the enclosed photos are of a 1941 Ford 9N Tractor and a 1974 Ford F250 4X4 we did and WOW'ed. We wouldn't even deliver an un-WOW'ed vehicle to a customer..."
, Hendersonville, NC

"…went to the paint store so I could get my Meguiar's to finish off the job. The guy at the paint store said I should try WOW. He was so determined that I try it, he gave me a bottle. After trying it, I took the Meguiar's back … I have been painting vehicles for 25 years … I will let my wife tell you what she thinks: ' I clean private homes, so I have a lot of glass, mirrors, windows and plastic inserts to clean. I only use WOW on them now. This product is fantastic! My favorite place to use WOW is on glass shower doors. After I remove all the hard water stains, I come back with the WOW. I have found by using WOW, the next week all I have to do is buff the glass off. The fragrance is wonderful!…"
David E. McCoy
, Galesburg, IL

"…we have tried many of these type of products only to be disappointed in how they never delivered on their promises. This Auto Tech product is exactly what the label promised: just wipe it on and wipe it off. It's perfect for our body shop, no silicone, great for after you buff out a fresh paint job… the mirrors, bumpers, the trim moldings, windshield & glass, the tail & running lights and the whole vehicle … as well as giving the fresh painted area a nice protective glaze. It's a very easy & fast product to use and has a pleasant aroma…"
Jack Coleman's Body Shop
, North Bay, NY

"…your WOW is the only product I've found that just does not streak, even in the sun! Other products claim they don't streak, but I've tried them all, and your WOW is the only one that doesn't streak or scratch … I'm sure you know that, in a car wash, streaks and scratches are very important to my customers…"
Brittany's Car Wash
, Ninety-Six, SC

"…'WOW', which is appropriately named. I use it for lot's of uses from a quick dry-wash, to interior wipe downs on everything, as well as a great alternative to silicone laden lubricants for over-spray clay use…"
A.D. Rabak Fine Automobile Detailing
, Elk Grove, CA

"…after reading about your product "WOW" in … SIGN BUSINESS magazine, I had to try it … Until then, there was nothing that would make my vinyl lettering look BETTER than it did when it first came off the roll! … Since then, I have found many more uses for this great smelling product such as touching up painted & vinyl graphics, signs, computer screens etc…"
Shady Oak Signs
, Melrose, MN

Recently ranked as one of the fastest growing franchises in the USA, Colors On Parade recommends and supplies only one quick finish product to all its franchisees nationwide: Auto Tech's WOW!: The Ultimate Detailer … Why? … Because it's proven to be the best in quality and performance!

NOTE: WOW! is perfect for: Auto Collectors … Body Shops … Car Dealerships … Detail Shops … Tire Stores … Hardware Stores … Paint Stores … Show Car Owners … Motorcycle Shops … Eye & Sunglass Outlets … RV Centers … Limousine Companies … Jewelry Stores … Computer Stores … Appliance & Furniture Stores … Funeral Parlors … Restaurants and more!

1001 MPC Cleaner/Degreaser

"…1001 was used as a pre-wash on new test panels and test cars … Removed road grime, tree sap, bugs and other types of surface contaminants. Also, (use) on the inside edges of fenders where grease and undercoating is present before masking … most extensive use … was for cleaning the floor in our testing facility. It worked very well removing oil stains, undercoating stains, over-spray and other types of stains … also worked well for washing the walls and floor of our spray booth…"
PPG Industries Inc., Refinish Training Department
, Strongsville, OH

"…it works great on cleaning oily smudges from shop doors, tool cabinets, oil & grease stains on concrete floors, not to mention oil & grease tracked in our office carpet … perfect for washing-off Motor Home grime, white wall tires, shower stall and tubs, lawn furniture … also works great on upholstery - tried it on a love seat we have in the shop - you can't tell where the oil was on it …we're still finding more uses for it every day … thanks for a great product that does what it claims to do!…"
Henrich Well Drilling, Michigan City, IN

"…a customer called us about a problem he was having getting either Bondo dust or paint over-spray off the trim …the shop said they'd tried everything, even Wurth's product 'Super Spray All', because the rep told him it 'removes things other products just won't'. He tried the Wurth and it didn't handle the problem … We told him your 1001MPC is super concentrated, it will do all of his prep work, fish-eye free and will take care of the nastiest cleaning jobs in his shop … He tried it - his response: 'Wurth's 'Super Spray All' doesn't even compare to Auto Tech's 1001 MPC - removing the over-spray was effortless using 1001 and a simple toothbrush!'… thanks again for another versatile product that actually does what it says it does!…"
, Forest Lake, MN

"…truly a great product for printers! … we've never had anything that would remove ink and water stains. We had some 8 year old spots of dried ink on our hardwood shop floors - our printer's solvent couldn't remove the spots, but your 1001 easily lifted them! It also removed ink stains from our carpets and is a great all-around shop cleaner … also like the 1001 because their is no odor and we don't get any headaches like we do with solvents…"
Ken's Printing
, Grants Pass, OR

NOTE: 1001 MPC has been recommended by I-CAR Regional Managers and Instructors through-out the country as both an effective way to remove header/bumper coatings (OEM mold release coatings) without paint problems and as an effective , no VOC water-based prep wash!

"...Aviation Technologies is an aircraft repair station. We use "1001" to clean aircraft parts - it has replaced MEK. 1001 is excellent for cleaning and degreasing the components made of many different types of metals. This product has saved us valuable time and money ... we are extremely satisfied with the results ... would recommend this product to similar companies in our industry. There are many reasons we like 1001, but one of the greatest is the fact that the product is environmentally safe and biodegradable. It is safer for our employees than solvent products..." Regina Kohlleppel, Aviation Technologies LLC, San Antonio, TX

Slick-Shine Show Car Polish

"…we had a hard time getting out the swirl marks and fine scratches until they handed me Slick-Shine …I've never used a polish that worked so good on my black car - there were no smudges or smears like other products I've used … your polish outperforms all other products on my Black Camaro, bar none!…"
Raymond Weidner
, Redding, CA (Owner of 1967 Black Camaro Show Car)

"…my '72 Chevy (truck) made it in the November issue of 'Truckin', pages 76-78 …Straight up, I don't think the paint would jump up and bite you, if it weren't for your Slick Shine Polish … exactly what the bottle said it was 'A Show Car Polish'. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a good paint job who wants to make it even better…"
Gene Arata
, Salem, OR

"…am very fussy with the finish on all my cars and WOW and Slick-Shine have produced a brilliant and more depth shine than I have ever seen … Enclosed is a photo of my 65 Corvette Sting Ray, just before I stored it, with only a light coat of Slick Shine and WOW and… wow, what a job!…"
John Parret

"…am very fussy with my cars and polish is of the utmost importance to me. That is why I chose your product Slick-Shine … it does a superb job with a magnificent shine…"
Scott G. Green
, Wilkes-Barre, PA

NOTE: excerpt from Liquid Polishing Compounds" By: Gary R. Dusina:

"…for many years I used Meguiar's Mirror Glaze #7 for polishing. It's a good product and works well, but requires too much rubbing and dries very quickly on the surface, thus making it harder to remove. The 3M products like Finesse-It II and Perfect-It II are wonderful products but have a few drawbacks"…

I recently found a product that I'm really happy with. It's called 'Slick-Shine' and is manufactured by Auto Tech of Grants Pass, OR. This product was developed for Show Cars and produces a 'deep wet look' to your finish … I apply a small amount on a soft diaper and lightly rub about one half of a guitar top or back in small circular motions and let dry for a minute. Then buff off with another clean diaper…the finish looks an inch thick. The really nice thing about Slick-Shine is that it can be used on lacquer, varnish and waterborne finishes…"