3-Way Stretch Protective Spray Hood

Premium Quality Sock - Hand Made in U.S.A.


This spray hood is radically different form other hoods on the market in the following ways:

* Bigger, full size cut for the most comfortable fit

* Cool, extra soft 100% cotton feels great against your skin

* Durable - double stitched construction

* Washable and reusable

This 3-Way Stretch Spray Sock covers your head, or stretches to cover your mouth, or stretches again to cover your mouth and nose.  Just a few ways spray hoods are used for skin protection and cleanliness are: general painting, spraying industrial coatings, under helmets during sandblasting, spraying acoustical and insulation materials, painting bridges, painting autos, trucks, RV's etc.

Body Shops nationwide consider this to be the premium spray sock ... one shop commented: "Frankly, the best quality painter's spray sock at a very reasonable price!" .. We guarantee: once a painter uses this sock, he won't settle for anything less!

NOTE:  No matter whose name is on the package, most other spray hoods are manufactured out of the United States - they are very small, fit tight around the face and are very uncomfortable - they are constructed of either a blend of heat producing synthetic fabrics or scratchy low-grade cotton - they are poorly sewn, use single stitching and flimsy thread - as a result, they are worn one time and then thrown away.  Unfortunately, workers who use socks regulary, in many cases are unaware of our quality alternative - however, once they use our hand made, premium quality American spray hood, they associate with the product and will never go back to inferior imports.


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