Trim-Mold Solution

USA made formula removes double-back tape adhesive in 3 to 6 hours rather than competitors 24 hours! No exclusions on usage: safe on emblems, plastic "chrome" painted moldings etc. Much less expensive and safer than eraser wheels. Reusable Gallon Solution.

How a Body Man Uses Trim Mold Solution:
For example ... let's say a body man is repairing a door ... usually he pulls off the OEM trim molding ... throws it aside or in the trunk ... he comes back later when he's ready to re-attach the piece ... he spends 20 minutes or longer scraping-off the double-back tape with a razor blade ... (and runs the risk of cutting himself and damaging the trim piece!)Well, instead of all that labor ... with the Trim Mold Solution, the body man throws the piece in a soaker tray and when he's ready to re-install the trim, he lifts the piece from the soaker tray ... the double-back tape adhesive wipes off easily ... he wipes the trim dry and he's ready for installation!  With flat rates running $38 to $60 per hour or more, the body man can work on another project while the trim is soaking instead of wasting time scraping-off the tape ... so, it really saves the shop time and money over using thinner and a razor blade or an expensive grinding wheel!  And, the solution is reusable, so it pays for itself on the first 3 or 4 jobs!


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