Protective Skin Cream Prevents Dry, Chafed & Cracked Skin


Safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and fragrance-free cream dramatically improves and helps prevent dry, chafed and cracked skin.  Non-greasy, non-sticky cream absorbs quickly and dries completely - will not affect your sense of touch or clog your pores.


Conventional lotions only attempt to replace natural moisture with artificial moisture.  This type of lotion comes off when you wash or touch something.  In order for moisture to really do any good, it needs to get below the second major layer of skin and only natural moisture is going to reach that level.  Unlike conventional lotions, Second-Skin will not wash off and helps retain natural moisture resulting in smoother skin that is not dry or cracked.  Second-Skin "wears" off naturally with exfoliated skin cells.  It also protects skin from irritants and harsh chemicals and protects hands that spend time in chemicals, water and detergents.  All ingredients are accepted as safe by the FDA and USDA.  Available in 8-oz Flip Top bottle.

Categories for use include: Automotive, Artists (Paints/Ceramics), Aviators, Builders, Construction Workers, Cleaners, Cosmetologists, Emergency Services, Farmers, Florists, Food Services, Gardeners, Health Care Professionals, Homemakers, Lab Workers, Mechanics, Machinists, Marine, Painters, Plumbers, Photographers, Printers, Pest Control Operators, Pet Groomers, Veterinarians, and many more!

Body Shops 
use Second-Skin to protect against damaging responses from the hazardous isocyanates found in automotive paints and to keep hands from cracking and drying (independent laboratory testing demonstrated that Second-Skin provides substantial protection against skin responses as well as systemic responses from isocyanates - lab report available)." ... operate an Aircraft Hydraulic Actuator Shop and the fluid used (Skydrol) is very unforgiving fluid which burns immediately on contact with skin and eats anything plastic or rubber based.  Second-Skin gives us the protection needed to perform our job ... I recommend it to any aircraft mechanic who works anywhere near Skydrol ... it is a required item in my shop ... "
Hydraulic Shop Supervisor, Sun Pacific International, Inc., Tuscon, AZ

" ... love the protection and skin care your product provides for our students in the ceramic/pottery art department of the university ... "
Dan Hammett, Art Dept., University of Dallas, Irving, TX

NOTE: Second-Skin is not a substitute for required safety protection - gloves should be worn if safety regulations or instructions require glove use.  However, applying Second-Skin to hands/arms prior to wearing latex or neoprene gloves will eliminate the skin irritation or allergic reaction that is commonly caused by these types of gloves.  Second-Skin is totally safe and should be viewed as a second line of defense.


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