Aluma-1 Scratch-Free Metal,Wheel Polish,& Plastic Polish

Advanced Formula Produces Long-Lasting, No-Scratch Shine on Any Type of Metal or Plastic

Frankly, to achieve a shine on metal is really no big deal... any number of brands produce shine.  However, unlike those brands, our formula contains no silicones and no acids, no ammonia or grit that will scratch surfaces.  Our formula is safe and foolproof on both clear-coated and uncoated surfaces - any type of metal or hard plastic.  Leaves a long-lasting, clear protective barrier that retards tarnish, oxidation, film, dullness - for example, on wheels, our polymer system puts a barrier between the alloy and the dirt, making the wheels easier to clean and maintain. Also, our unique formula combines both a polish & sealer in one easy-on, easy-off application!  Other brands simply do not seal in the shine, resulting in the need for frequent re-polishing.  And this one product covers the full range of metal deterioration: from light to heavy - use on either coated or uncoated, billet, chrome etc.


As for plastics... For example, there are kits that now sell for $35 to $75 to polish faded headlight lens covers and taillights.  In most cases, Aluma-1 will do the same thing, for $12.95 or less!  Before, owners and car dealers had to replace faded, oxidized, foggy, discolored or yellowed headlight covers. Now thanks to Aluma-1, they can bring back most, if not all of the clarity of the original cover! Aluma-1 works quickly and easily on headlights and taillights, as well as all hard plastics and glass...For example: it will polish-out cloudy Lexan windows on truck canopies and, used in conjunction with #0000 steel wool as per label instructions, it will remove water spots from glass windows!Aluma-1 is perfect for fiberglass boats and motorcycle windshields.  It outperforms fiberglass polishes/rubbing compounds, plus it seals the fiberglass.  On motorcycle windshield plastic, it leaves an optically clear, durable coating to protect the clean surface.  And it removes tree-sap from paint surfaces without damaging paint... it leaves the spot shiny and protected... all in one step!

This versatile product safely removes: oxidation, stains, road film, brake dust, oxidized paint, paint scuffs & scuffs on plastic hubcaps!  Simply soars above all other metal & plastic polishes!  Endorsed By: Tool Box Manufacturers, Truckers, Tire/Wheel outlets, Fleets, Boaters, Musicians, Aviators, Fire & Law Enforcement, Body Shops, Auto Dealerships and Car Lots nationwide.  Available in 8-oz. flip top bottle and quarts.

"… We have tested over a dozen brands of polishes and cleaners on our diamond treadplate aluminum tool boxes … yours was the easiest to use and also had the best results … "
, Inc., Houston, TX (tool box manufacturer)

"... I have used Auto Tech Aluma-1 polish for about a year now and feel that it out performs all of the other products available on the market today.  With its easy on and off application, it not only saves time and effort, but also gives a lasting durable shine that I could only get in the past after several hours of polishing and buffing.  I would recommend this product to anyone who has sat at a buffing wheel for hours only to get a shine that Auto Tech Aluma-1 gives you in just minutes... I will recommend Auto Tech products to other race teams on the circuit... "
Ed Smith, American Motorcyclist Association Representative (AMA), OR

"... I am very pleased with the results of Aluma-1 ... I've been polishing for 14 years and have tried numerous products ... Aluma-1 has cut my polishing time in half! ... I use it on my oil company truck, my pick-up and my Harley Davidson ..."

Glen G. France, OR


“…is by far the easiest and least time consuming to use (on my aluminum airplane), but it also works well on the not so easy to get areas: around ailerons, flaps etc. … definitely makes keeping the aluminum polished and corrosion free a much easier task…”

Greg BruceYelm, WA

“…am truly amazed with Auto Tech’s Aluma-1! … have tried several products but your product ‘Really Works’! … have a ’97 Ram 1500 with center-line wheels … I didn’t have time to put my custom wheels back on the truck – so they sat outside for a few months. The wheels oxidized and I tried several different products to clean them up, but nothing worked … I started on a small area – it went on & off so easy, I did two of the four wheels in minutes!…your Aluma-1 is so easy and produces a scratch-free shine! … This stuff is great!…”

Smith FarmsPlano, IL

“…this is the only polish we have been able to find that will remove the stains on our aluminum tool boxes. We sell hundreds of tool boxes made of Tread Brite aluminum and they are nice and bright but can be stained by the cartons they are in for shipping if the cartons become wet in storage. We had tried many different types and brands of stain removers and polishes but none of them work as well as yours…”

Adrian Steel CompanyAdrian, MI

“…fabulous in removing water spots!…”

The Auto Body SalonThatcher, AZ

“…with very little effort and the least amount of time, I am able to bring aluminum and chrome wheels to their highest degree of shine … the barrier coating really does increase the life of the shine! …also amazing the way it can remove water stains and water spots so easily…”

GE Discount Tire Ctr. Harbor City, CA

“…been polishing for 14 years and have tried numerous products … Aluma-1 has cut my polishing time in half … Enclosed is a photo of my Tanker Truck. As you can see, reflected in the back of the truck are my pick-up truck and my Harley Davidson! I use the polish on all three…”

Glenn G. France Myrtle, OR

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