WOW: The Ultimate Polish

WOW: The Ultimate Polish

WOW: The Ultimate Polish

Light Cleaner/Polish Adds a Final Shine to Any Hard Surfaces

Plastics, metals, rubber, vinyl, Formica, marble - all painted and unpainted hard surfaces are fair game with this light maintenance cleaner/polish.  Just spray on, wipe off dust, fingerprints, smudges etc. - then check out the ultra-smooth, high gloss finish.  Contains no silicones or wax, so will not streak or smear, even in full hot sun, even on glass and chrome!  Safely removes surface contaminants without scratching and leaves anti-static, invisible clear coating that resists dust, grime etc.  Liquid has a pleasant fragrance and is non-toxic and environmentally safe.  Perfect for: eye and sun glasses, computer screens, windows, equipment, tool cases, office furniture, fixtures, automobiles, trucks, airplanes, boats, sinks, counter tops, appliances, musical instruments, janitorial maintenance, casinos, restaurants, hospitals and any hard surface. Customers stand back and say: "WOW- what a great product!"


Body Shops love this product because: no silicones or wax - Works on fresh paint - Does not affect cure - Safe and effective on all paint finishes, including clear coats - Lubricates final glazes for a higher, brighter finish - Great after fresh paint buff-out (leaves rest of vehicle looking as good as the area just repaired) - Perfect substitute for silicone lubricants commonly used with over-spray clays. Guaranteed to not streak or smear, even in direct hot sun on dark finishes (others may claim no streaks, we prove it!) Safe and perfect as a "dry wash" Spectacular results on any hard surface including: rubber, plastic, glass (windshields), all paints, window-tint, vinyl, hard woods etc.  The ultimate Body Shop spray!Available in  16-oz. Spray bottle, economy gallons and 55-gallon drums.

"… WOW is the best … I use and endorse it wholeheartedly! …"
Dick Hotchkiss
, Merlin, OR - Owner '56 Ford Roadster (This $100,000 Full Custom appeared on the cover of "Custom Classic Trucks" magazine and won Best Trick Truck, GOODGUYS Car Show 1998 and 62 other major show awards in 1998)

Recently ranked as one of the fastest growing franchises in the USA, Colors on Parade (Total Car) recommends and supplies only one quick finish product to all its franchisees nationwide: Auto Tech's WOW! The Ultimate Polish ... Why! ... Because it's proven to be the best in quality and performance!

"... the chrome is the easiest part of the car to maintain ... People think the chrome is made of decals, but it's real polished aluminum ... The secret is a spray cleaner-polish called WOW! made by Auto Tech ... We order it by the case ..."

From: Stock Car Racing Magazine, "Corey's Chrome Toaster" (regarding championship NASCAR racer, Corey Dripps)

"... We have our own unique hand rubbed satin finish that our sons do to our high gloss polyester finished pianos.  The WOW puts the final silky sheen on the finish, removing the slightly dusty look that hand rubbed finishes tend to have.  Our customers always want to pet the pianos when we're done... We've been more satisfied with the WOW than with any other product sold in the piano industry... "
Fandrich & Sons Pianos, Stanwood, WA

"... Several months ago we switched from Meguiar's "Final Detail" to your product, "WOW"... We have 70 cars on display at our museum... We think the cars look better and the good looks last longer with "WOW" than with the competing product... "
Director Daniel Murphy, The Murphy Auto MUSEUM, Ventura, CA

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