Slick-Shine Show Car Polish

Slick-Shine Show Car Polish

Rated #1 - Show Car Shine in Seconds

Unlike typical polishes, this unique formula produces an outstanding, deep shine with easy-on, easy-off application!  No buffing required, no streaking, non-abrasive and clear-coat safe.  Formulated to meet the demands of today's new paint finishes: clear-coat, black, dark metallic and 'wet look' paints.  Removes light oxidation, helps hide hairline scratches, durable and weather resistant.  Excellent on: chrome, glass, fiberglass, acrylic and plastic surfaces, marble, porcelain, Formica and All quality paint finishes.  Perfect for: autos, motorcycles, boats, RV's, airplanes, trucks, musical instruments, home uses, industrial plastic applications and much more. Available in 8 oz. Flip Top Bottle.

Body Shops professionals prefer because it has no destructive silicones & is clear-coat safe.


"…thank you for your Slick-Shine polish - our cars are turning heads in the streets! … I detail the cars and I've tried 3M's products, Mother's and Boyd's, and your Auto Tech products are first in their class!…" 
Stone Barn Inc.
, Vienna, NJ


"... writing this letter because I just can't believe how incredible your products are. I am definitely a detailing fanatic... I have tried everything on the market both commercial and mail order... Here is a list of what I have tried:...Mothers (all variations), Turtle Wax (all variations), Meguiers (their whole line and the some), Boyd's, Blue Coral (all variations), Wax Shoppe Super Glaze, Race Glaze, Blitz, Eagle 1 (all variations), Stoner, Dupont, Prestone, Liquid glass, Classic, Nu Finish, Simonize (all variations), Auto Armor, Blue & Black Diamond, Liquid Luster, Sur Luster and Zaino... YOUR SLICK-SHINE OUT PERFORMS THEM ALL!!!..."
DetailerChuck Quercia, Formington, CT

“…am very fussy with the finish on all my cars and WOW and Slick-Shine have produced a brilliant and more depth shine than I have ever seen … Enclosed is a photo of my 65 Corvette Sting Ray, just before I stored it, with only a light coat of Slick Shine and WOW and… wow, what a job!…”

John Parret

“…am very fussy with my cars and polish is of the utmost importance to me. That is why I chose your product Slick-Shine … it does a superb job with a magnificent shine…”

Scott G. Green Wilkes-Barre, PA

“…for many years I used Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze #7 for polishing. It’s a good product and works well, but requires too much rubbing and dries very quickly on the surface, thus making it harder to remove. The 3M products like Finesse-It II and Perfect-It II are wonderful products but have a few drawbacks”…

I recently found a product that I’m really happy with. It’s called ‘Slick-Shine’ and is manufactured by Auto Tech of Grants Pass, OR. This product was developed for Show Cars and produces a ‘deep wet look’ to your finish … I apply a small amount on a soft diaper and lightly rub about one half of a guitar top or back in small circular motions and let dry for a minute. Then buff off with another clean diaper…the finish looks an inch thick. The really nice thing about Slick-Shine is that it can be used on lacquer, varnish and waterborne finishes…”

Gary R. Dusina

“…we had a hard time getting out the swirl marks and fine scratches until they handed me Slick-Shine …I’ve never used a polish that worked so good on my black car – there were no smudges or smears like other products I’ve used … your polish outperforms all other products on my Black Camaro, bar none!…”

Raymond WeidnerRedding, CA

“…my ’72 Chevy (truck) made it in the November issue of ‘Truckin’, pages 76-78 …Straight up, I don’t think the paint would jump up and bite you, if it weren’t for your Slick Shine Polish … exactly what the bottle said it was ‘A Show Car Polish’. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a good paint job who wants to make it even better…”

Gene Arata Salem, OR

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